Varian The Best Danish butter cookies

Snacks are very popular by all people, not only the tasty, but sweet and spicy. A person’s love for snacks is different, part of the cause is the age factor. At the age of children maybe they will much more like the taste of sweet snacks rather than the spicy flavor that is more preferred by teenagers, while for the age of parents usually avoid both flavors, especially for those who already have certain diseases so avoid the type certain foods.

In addition, the texture of food is also often taken into consideration for them. Like parents, for example, they prefer the texture of soft snacks rather than hard to bite, and so on. But one snack that is almost preferred by various age groups is biscuits. Biscuits have a dry texture but remain soft when chewed, so they can be eaten from toddlers to old age. One of the favorites is the danish butter cookies brand.

Danish butter cookies are one type of pastries made from flour dough along with margarine and eggs, as well as several other ingredients. This biscuit product comes from Denmark which is famous for its danish butter cookies website. This biscuit has 5 flavors namely vanilla ring and norwegian which has a soft texture and has no toping on it, Swedish variant and finnish style which has a sugar topping as a toping and has a slightly hard but not crunchy texture but tastes sweet, and current cookies with a sprinkling of raisins on top of it as a toping and has a slightly sour taste created from the raisins.

This biscuit is very popular with many people especially because danish butter cookies are very suitable to accompany leisure time and various other relaxing times such as when on Eid or gathering with family and friends, watching TV, reading books, as a companion to drinking warm sweet tea or hot coffee, and various other leisure activities.

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